• Get ready to cruise through December with TNT's Tom Cruise Fan Month! Every Friday in December, we're dedicating our programming to the legendary star.
  • 100 YEARS OF WARNER BROS: THE STUFF THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF | Synopsis: Four brothers set out to build a movie studio from the ground up–while making a giant leap from silent films to “talkies.” As the Warners stand up to WWII Nazism, personal ambitions lead to family betrayal.
  • 100 YEARS OF WARNER BROS: CLINT, KUBRICK AND KRYPTONITE | Synopsis: After a historic sale, Warner Bros. navigates the upheavals of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Under a new strategist CEO, the company enters an era of unmatched storytelling with groundbreaking ­projects.
  • 16 December
    Embrace the spirit of unity on December 16th, with 'Fellow Feeling,' a cinematic journey celebrating friendship, breaking barriers, and sharing the love. Tune in starting at 13:15 CAT, but be sure not to miss the channel premiere of 'Saving Private Ryan (1998)' at 20:00 CAT.
  • 100 YEARS OF WARNER BROS: HEROES, VILLAINS AND FRIENDS | Synopsis: In the ‘80s, a new generation helped crown Warner Bros. as a forerunner in Hollywood’s blockbuster age. After a historic merger, the company became one of the biggest entertainment giants in the world.
  • Unwrap the magic of Christmas with TNT's festive movie extravaganza! From 24-26 December, dive into a jolly lineup of family-friendly comedies that'll have your whole crew in stitches!
  • 100 YEARS OF WARNER BROS: WIZARDING WORLD AND THE BIG BANG | Synopsis: As the millennium brings a new era of business partnerships bookended by mergers, Warner Bros. continues to champion authentic voices while harnessing the latest technologies of the digital age.
  • 'AEW Wrestling' Weekends
    Turn up the heat with new episodes of #AEWRampage, Saturdays at 10 AM CAT & new episodes of #AEWDynamite Sundays at 10 AM CAT
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